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lovely short gown in crepon with beautiful sleeves in allover lace

our crepe robe which comes in short & in long...

Light crepon, perfect for all seasons !

  • Time for a Classic !

  • this summer, we go Crepon !

  • a must to have

    sweet gown in gauze ..


** at this time, we only ship to USA (except Kansas State) & Canada ". Elsewhere, please contact us '''' and we will look into it. ----WE SHIP BETWEEN ONE TO THREE WEEKS FROM THE DATE OF THE ORDER= NO RUSH ORDERS AVAILABLE---- ** please be aware that shippers sometimes leave packages at doors, so, please follow the tracking and be on the lookout for your package. We cannot be held responsible for lost packages that show as delivered. These are rare cases and we will try to help locate, but if lost, we will not refund the order and shipping. WE DO NOT SHIP & WILL CANCELL ALL ORDERS GOING TO P.O BOXES or FREIGHT COMPANIES or TO LOCATIONS OF SHIPPING SERVICES (who ship outside USA). ** at times, shipping could be more expensive than charged. if so, we will contact you to approve the extra and will cancel the order if you do not wish to pursue. ** keep in mind : the customer is responsible to pay for duties for packages shipped outside USA. RETURNS: 5 DAYS FROM DELIVERY DATE- see below

Most of our styles are made to order and for that reason, we ship one to three weeks from date of ordering.

This summer, there will be shorter weeks at times. We will as usual deliver between 1-3 weeks, but in case or a delay, we will let you know. Thanks !!


Returns / Refunds / Exchanges : are at the Customer's expense and not allowed after 5 days from delivery date. ** NO RETURNS ALLOWED WITHOUT A COMFIRMATION FROM :

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