Sorry, many collections are out of stock as we fill large orders from stores for the holidays

We will restock next year, but in the meantime, our winter collections are available (right on time for the holidays).

Have you heard of the free gift ? You purchase two garments and we offer you one for free !

Pick any two and add style 001 from the Classics

Surprise gift when you purchase two garments

Then add style 001 from the Classics collection & you will get a free garment from a past collection

Extended until Dec 6th



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WE WILL CANCEL ALL ORDERS GOING TO P.O BOXES, FREIGHT COMPANIES or TO LOCATIONS OF SHIPPING SERVICES (who ship outside USA). Also, we reserve the right to cancel orders being shipped to a different location than the billling adress. We also will not ship to certain locations (states, countries) and you are welcome to contact us to see if we can redirect you to a store nearby.

At times, we might need to contact you (to verify adresses, etc) and if we do not get a response from you after a second e-mail, orders will be voided before any charges made to your credit card.

ALL ORDERS WITH THE WRONG BILLING ADRESS & NAMES(not matching the one registered to the credit card) will now be automatically voided and NOT allowed to reorder in our shop.

** Please be aware that after an order is placed with a wrong adress, it gets voided and the information CANNOT be changed so the order cannor be reinstated.

PLEASE CONTACT YOUR CREDIT CARD co. (not us) to find out why you cannot purchase in a store with another name or an adress that does not match the one registered to your credit card. They will be able to explain why it has to match. Please do not contact us for this type of issue.

Returns/ Refunds/ Exchanges are at the Customer's expense and not allowed after 5 days from delivery date. NO RETURNS ALLOWED WITHOUT A COMFIRMATION from: & must be shipped (unworned, with tags) within 3 days of confirmation, and tracking must be supplied to us== Some styles are made to order, therefore we ship one to three weeks from date of ordering.