** please be aware that shippers sometimes leave packages at doors, so, please follow the tracking and be on the lookout for your package. We cannot be held responsible for lost packages that show as delivered. In these rare cases, we will try to help locate, but if lost, we will not refund the order and shipping.
WE DO NOT SHIP & WILL CANCEL ALL ORDERS GOING TO P.O BOXES, ADRESSES DIFFERENT FROM BILLING ADRESSES or FREIGHT COMPANIES or TO LOCATIONS OF SHIPPING SERVICES (who ship outside USA). So, we reserve the right to cancel orders being shipped to a different location than the billling adress.  

ALL ORDERS WITH THE WRONG BILLING ADRESS (not matching the one registered to the credit card) and all orders made with incomplete information: wrong names and, or, adresses, buildings with no suite/ apts numbers, etc. will now be automatically voided and NOT allowed to reorder in our shop. We get charges of credit card fees for these mistakes. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR CREDIT CARD co. (not us) to find out why you cannot purchase in a store with another name or adress that does not match the one registered to your credit card. They will be able to explain why it has to match. Please do not contact us for this type of issue. ** after an order is placed with a wrong adress, it gets voided and the information CANNOT be changed and the order cannot be reinstated.

** with apointment (only If we are available), orders can be picked up in New Jersey and once picked-up, we will deduct the shipping fees from your order. BUT it is at timess difficult to plan as staff takes holidays, hot weather, closing time differs, so you must check with us first.               

** you can use your own shipping company to pick-up, but they must be companies like UPS, USPS or FEDEX and you must send us the tracking number as well as insurance for the value of the package. We will then deduct once delivered, the fee of the shipping in the transaction                                                   

** At this time, we only ship to USA (except certain states), Canada and Europe. Elsewhere, please contact us at : ''priamo@gmx.com'' and we will look into it.
** keep in mind : the customer is responsible to pay for duties for packages shipped outside USA. Also, keep in mind that where we offer shipping without tracking by mail, we cannot be held responsible for lost packages.

** at times, shipping outside USA could be more expensive than charged. if so, we will contact you to approve the extra or will cancel the order if you do not wish to pursue. Please note that we charge way under what we pay (almost 1/2 the price). But if we were to get a cheaper rate in the case of Europe, we will refund the difference. 


Returns / Refunds / Exchanges : are at the Customer's expense (both ways) and not allowed after 5 days from delivery date. NO RETURNS ALLOWED WITHOUT YOU SENDING A REQUEST BY E-MAIL to:  priamo1@aol.com & GETTING A COMFIRMATION FROM US. Then please send us the tracking for your return and you must return the package (unworn, with tags) in the following week of us accepting the return. 

* Exchanges: you will get invoiced for the shipping and as soon as you pay, we will ship. ** NOTE shipping might me more expensive second time around as we do not charge the amount it really costs. But you will get the real charge from UPS

All returns done any other ways will be either have to be recalled at your expenses or if you do not wish to pay for, we will keep and not refund.